Ravishing CollectionS Ravishing CollectionS
Posted 6 days ago

Genius Keyboard/ mouse Bluetooth

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Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Ravishing CollectionS Go & Do it!!!!
  • rana aqib ok i will make video then send them
  • Ravishing CollectionS Sure!!! Do the needful . It’s a waste of time for 40 AED worth of item anyway..
  • rana aqib after*
  • rana aqib they will decide afrer
  • rana aqib i will make video and send meltoo
  • Ravishing CollectionS Don’t be rude! Both are working properly!!
  • rana aqib yew waste my time
  • rana aqib i will return
  • rana aqib brother mouse right button is not working properly
  • rana aqib ok thanks
  • Ravishing CollectionS None
  • rana aqib tell me bro any fault??
  • rana aqib any fault??
  • Ravishing CollectionS Yes
  • rana aqib working also 100% good?
  • rana aqib and working 100% good?
  • Ravishing CollectionS Very good condition
  • rana aqib bro tell me about condition?
  • rana aqib bro condtion??
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