kalifa kalifa
Posted 8 days ago

Ipad mini 16gb wifi apple orginal. Read

All is perfectly working. Battery long time also. Only top of screen with the small corner touch screen not working. If you want you can change the touch or no need to change the touch nornally you can used no problem all good.or if you like touch change by 40aed cost only... seriouly buyer pm me..
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  • shafeeq thayyil Sir last how much you want 250 ok
  • smile smeet or send me pm message
  • smile smeet all working perfectly... only small corner not woking touch... its a very small place with right corner its no need to fixing if you want... if you don't like touch the small corner you can replaced cost 40/50 like that all I am saying already in discretion to be clear
  • vladimir ali what do you mean by small corner touch not working? meaning touch screen is not working?
  • smile smeet ..
  • smile smeet .
  • smile smeet ....
  • smile smeet chek discretion all I mention already
  • vladimir ali is this original? no default? or refurbished
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