Drew Werd Drew Werd
Posted 56 days ago


Used; Buy for parts; Selling as it is; Not working; No charger No Harddrive Has 4GB Ram in it Other specs: unknown
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  • RISHITH Cheduluri I wanted a 4gb stick
  • RISHITH Cheduluri oh no
  • Drew Werd this one have 2 sticks (2gb each)
  • RISHITH Cheduluri I want only the 4 gb ram stick in the laptop
  • Drew Werd ok, Sabtain Ateeq.
  • Sabtain Ateeq 80
  • Drew Werd I guess so. I just removed the hdd because it's faulty.
  • Ved Kashyap display ok ?
  • Drew Werd It's not Sir. I also mentioned that in the description above. Thanks
  • Abdul Khaliq is it working ok?
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