Ailaf Kapdi Ailaf Kapdi
Posted 102 days ago

Saachi Microwave Oven 20L. CHEAP PRICE!!

Having a SAACHI microwave oven 20L for sale at a great rate... ITS a brand new piece... opened the box just to take images. Buy NOW!!
  • Condition : NEW
  • Type : Stove & Oven
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  • Ailaf Kapdi ibrar the price is 200 only.... u can buy it if you want it
  • Ailaf Kapdi yes... it's available....please buy it fast bcoz I am leaving the country with this item too... so buy it fast.
  • Deon Abin Available?
  • Tino Kuttan is it convetion model?
  • Ibrar Ullah 200
  • Ali Awan 190
  • Ailaf Kapdi price is updated to 220 final price... you can go ahead and buy it if interested
  • Ailaf Kapdi 180 is very less... I am sorry last 220 bcoz I see you're interested
  • Ailaf Kapdi Let me check
  • Ali Awan would u like.......?
  • Ali Awan it's my last if like
  • Ali Awan 180
  • Ailaf Kapdi can make it last 225. let me know fast. I am going out
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah I can reduce it
  • Ali Awan hi i want buddy could u like reduce some
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